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2D Animation Reel

3D Animation Reel


UkeLayla is the UCF Character Animation Class of 2018 Senior Film that I completed with 13 other UCF students. In addition to writing the original script, I also co-directed the film, led animation on the main character, Layla, and composed parts of the score. UkeLayla explores mental health, self-worth, the benefits of music, and features a character with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, a speech disorder. UkeLayla was created in Autodesk Maya, rendered with Pixar's Renderman, and composited in Nuke.


While much of UkeLayla was a collaborative effort, with sequences and shots passed back and forth between team members, I did get to see this sequence through from storyboard to final animation.

Storyboards, animation, and ukulele rig by me, Haleigh Mooney
Character models and prop models by Alina Alikhanyan and Tony Yon
SFX by Tal Minks and Christine Yim

Watch the full film!


Left, Right, Left

"Left, Right, Left" was written and directed by Mike Taylor, and tells the story of two perfect strangers and the chance encounter that quite literally puts a skip in their step. I hand-animated the 2 and a half minute short in ToonBoom Harmony and accomplished editing and sound design in Premiere Pro. It has now entered its film festival run.

Left, Right, Left

Watch a clip of the short!



ECLIPSE is a short about how the moon fell in love with the sun. I created ECLIPSE as a portfolio piece in order to get into the Character Animation Program at the University of Central Florida. Boarded traditionally on paper, animated in Photoshop CC, and edited in Premiere Pro. With this short, I wanted to utilize the three-act story structure and exhibit my time-based media skills.

Brew Tea Co.

Brew Tea Company

I had the opportunity to create mascot character designs and marketing animations for Brew Tea Company. Designed in Photoshop CC, rigged and animated in After Effects. My goal for this project was to pump up potential customers with clean, appealing designs and the infectious energy of the animations.

Pizza People

Pizza People

I was hired by Shifted Industry LLC to animate a section of the pilot episode of their original docu-series, Pizza People. Designed and animated in Photoshop. My goal for this project was to create a stylish, playful, and cleanly-presented flashback sequence to compliment the unapologetic raw creativity of the docu-series.

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